Utilities & Critical Infrastructure Security

Each day, millions of people in the tri-state area rely on their utilities to provide the services they count on. Breeches in security can limit the effectiveness of utilities or they can even knock them offline altogether. Don’t lose the paying customers you need because your security system is outdated. Contact Alliance System Integrators, Inc. today for a full consultation and discover what the best security firm in the state can do for you. Criminals are getting more and more sophisticated each and every year, isn’t it time you stepped up to the plate and did everything possible to protect your utility? Contact Alliance Systems Integrators, Inc. today to learn more.

In the 21st century, security means more than simply having a burglar alarm. It means protecting your data, your property and your trade secrets, as well. With Alliance System Integrators, Inc. on your side, you can begin taking on the threats that have the ability to take your utility out. Alliance System Integrators, Inc. can install a state of the art closed circuit television system so that you may monitor your perimeter in an efficient and effective way. They can also secure your voice and data networks so cyber terrorists can no longer play havoc with your systems. Combine those services with your own specifically designed fiber optic network and you have a secure environment in which to serve the public. Alliance System Integrators, Inc. also provides long term maintenance plans that will completely eliminate the need for you to worry about your security. Are you ready to take on criminals, both in person and online, like never before? Contact Alliance Systems Integrators, Inc. to get started.

Since 1992, Alliance System Integrators, Inc., Inc. has been helping companies and utilities secure their work environments. Join the long list of satisfied customers by calling Alliance System Integrators, Inc., Inc. today. The long term health of your utility may depend on it.

They’ve been the absolute best when it comes to accountability, professionalism and knowledge. We couldn’t have finished this project on time if it wasn’t for the Aliiance team.

J.P Mercer, PowerPlus Inc.

Don't go another day with your perimeter exposed!