Perimeter Detection

Before a criminal element can break into your business and rife through your trade secrets, they first have to penetrate your perimeter. Having sound perimeter detection in place not only gives your business or home an extra level of protection, it significantly decreases the chance that anyone will get any farther.

At Alliance Systems Integrators, Inc., we can install an easy to use and simple to maintain perimeter detection system that seamlessly integrates with your CCTV system and the rest of your existing security. We have the industry specific know how and the work ethic you demand to get the job done right.

One concern that many have when it comes to perimeter detection is durability. A good system must be weather resistant, pest resistant and able to perform at its highest 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At Alliance Systems Integrators, Inc., we only use the best names in technology such as General Electric, Panasonic and Sony so that every system we install can be counted on under any circumstance.

We also offer comprehensive follow up care as well as maintenance packages that any business can afford. We are your integrated perimeter and internal security experts. Contact Alliance Systems Integrators, Inc. to learn more.

Perimeter detection can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to protecting your business, your data and your employees. There is a direct link between a tight economy and the number of espionage attempts that happen in practically every industry. The additional cost to you of adding perimeter detection can be as little as a few dollars per day, but the peace of mind offered by a system like this is truly priceless.

It is up to you to do everything you can to protect your business from those that wish to harm it. The bottom line cost of perimeter detection is almost nothing. Contact Alliance Systems Integrators, Inc. today to see what systems are offered and what this kind of advanced security can do for you.

They’ve been the absolute best when it comes to accountability, professionalism and knowledge. We couldn’t have finished this project on time if it wasn’t for the Aliiance team.

J.P Mercer, PowerPlus Inc.

Don't go another day with your perimeter exposed!